"To implement life skill building tools, individually and collectively"

Learning the skills you need to becoming whole: Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually is the key to success!


A Journey Into Wholeness Life Skill Building Counseling Services is designed to assist in the capacity of implementing Life skill building tools individually and through workshops. We do this first my implementing knowledge as it relates to the issue or issues. We help the individual identify what goals they hope to achieve, and we create a plan of action to assist with accomplishing their goals. A Journey Into Wholeness Life Skill Building Counseling Services strives to walk with the individual collectively and individually to ensure that they feel empowered in areas of their lives that demonstrates wholeness: Mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Counselor/Facilitator Ms. Charlene Keitt
Bachelor of Arts, Christian Counseling/Bible Theology

Our vision

Our vision is to help the individual to envision a brighter future by implementing Life skill building tools in which we help them to achieve by walking step by step with them on their Journey into wholeness.

Our Mission 

A Journey into Wholeness Life Skill Building Counseling Services mission is to provide one-on-one Life Skill Building sessions, and workshops to adults and youth that allows each person to share knowledge and personal experiences, which will enhance personal growth through the interaction with one another.

My experience with A Journey Into Wholeness anger and self-esteem workshops caused me to self-reflect on my own ability to manage anger. I reflected on many of the instances I could have managed my personal anger better. I realized the importance of expressing what I feel even if it is incorrect. Communication is vital to a healthy relationship and listening to understand builds the trust for every relationship to survive during challenging times that test relationships. I saw the importance of valuing others we are in relationship with. In the self-esteem portion I was reminded of the importance of having a healthy level of self-esteem. The workshop focused on the effect of having a low self-esteem and the root cause of it. I was reminded of a time I suffered from a low self-esteem and how it affected me when I was married. I was enlightened with the illustrations of the effects of low self-esteem and the self-help tools shared in the workshop. I would recommend the Anger management and Self-esteem workshops and the One-on- One sessions to anybody who is struggling with anger or low self-esteem. The sessions are custom designed to equip every participant with practical tools for the individual to apply to their everyday life and experience. I use the principals in my daily life still today. Thank you, Pastor Charlene Keitt

Ron Boyd

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Customer Testimonials

My experience with attending A Journey into Wholeness Life Skill Building Counseling workshops, was a mind and heart awakening. The knowledge that I obtained was very helpful, but it caused me to reflect, which I admit, was painful because it prompted me to reflect on the hurt and pain in my past marital relationship, however, the workshop helped me put the hurt in its proper perspective by obtaining the tools of the importance of how to channel the anger.

Furthermore, if I may add, participating in the role play session, also helped me obtain greater insight as it relates to anger management.

Thank you!

Ms. Tina Surgeon

Charlene’s workshop on self-esteem help me to come up with realistic goals as far as losing weight, staying more positive about everyday living, and talking out your problems or writing them down in a journal to help one to reflect as well as improve in specific areas of life. Her workshop was truly awesome!

Thanks, Ms. Charlene

Mrs. Faye