Be Yourself

“For we are His workmanship [His own master work, a work of art], created in Christ Jesus[reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used] for good works, which God prepared [for us] beforehand [taking paths which He set], so that we would walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us].” Ephesians 2:10(AMP)

Who are you? Do you know?

I’m sure many of you were quick to answer, “Yes, I know who I am!”  Some may have even chuckled at the question.  But do you know who you are?  Do you know what you like?  Do you know what places you would like to visit? What are your hobbies?  Do you like quiet?  Do you like noise?  What is your favorite color?  What do you like to wear?

All of the above seem like simple questions.  As you answer each one, are your answers authentic?  Or are they someone else’s?  What do I mean?  Are the answers you gave what you genuinely like or what someone else likes or what someone has told you that you should like?

I can honestly say, there was a time in my life when I realized I did not know who I was anymore.  While trying to please and be what everyone else wanted me to be, the wife, the mother, the friend, the Christian, etc.; I lost Me.

Although that was about twenty years ago, if I’m not careful, I can easily slip back into that way of living.  As women, it is such a comfortable place to move back into if we’re not careful.  Now, do not misunderstand, there are times when we need the opinion, advice and/or help of someone that we trust. What we do not need, at any time, is for someone else to think for us or to try to turn us into them. Honestly, if someone truly cares about us and has our best interest at heart, he or she will encourage us to be ourselves.

No individual should get upset if what we like or prefer is different from what he or she likes or prefers. There are times when I ask for the opinion, advice or help of others, including my spouse.  There are also times when I will speak up and say I do not like something or let it be known I prefer something different, in a friendly way, of course.  There will be times when you must compromise, but it should not be that you always have to give in to what others like or prefer.

God is a creative God and He did not intend for us all to be the same.  Examples of this include Psalm 139:14(AMP)”…for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;”; Romans 12:6(AMP) “Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to use them accordingly:” and I Peter 4:10(AMP)”Just as each one of you has received a special gift[a spiritual talent, an ability graciously given by God], employ it in serving one another as [is appropriate for] good stewards of God’s multi-faceted grace [faithfully using the diverse, varied gifts and abilities granted to Christians by God’s unmerited favor].”  Everyone will not be happy with you as you begin to embrace this truth, but you will be happier and more at peace.  I believe God is also pleased when we are ourselves; living the life– He intended for us and being who He created us to be.