"To implement life skill building tools, individually and collectively"

Learning the skills you need to becoming whole: Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually is the key to success!


   Charlene Neal-Keitt’s Bio

Charlene Neal-Keitt resides in Greensboro, NC. She is happy to be back home after residing in Charlotte, NC for eight years. She has always had the desire to go back to school to become a Counselor, but did not plan to become a Christian Counselor, however, she knows that in life, changes will come about so, she found herself wanting to know how the natural related to the spiritual to bring about wholeness in a person’s life. After attending Guilford College for one year, studying Psychology, she transferred to John Wesley College, studying Christian Counseling. She is not only an Author, a Practical Christian Counselor, a facilitator of her workshops, and the Pastor of A Journey Into Wholeness Cathedral World Wide Ministries, she is the proud mother of one son, Te’marest. She states that he has been a joy to raise and although it has not always been easy, God has given her the grace to do what he has called her to do. She stated that her son is the first youth to partake of her passion for the youth and she teaches him the importance of being a leader and not a follower by demonstrating that to him. She also tells him that we are all unique and different and that we all are created for purpose.

Charlene Neal-Keitt believes that she has many assignments, but she knows that she has the assignment to work with youth and adults in a practical, relaxed environment that will allow for counseling services for all to come, which will empower them to walk in their overcomer status.

Ms. Charlene Neal Keitt